Tour of Multifilm plant








Have hairnets; will tour!

A group of distinguished guests, including the U.S. EPA’s Sally Gutierrez, Lux Research’s Brent Giles, Water Innovations Alliance Foundation’s Vincent Caprio, GreenScience Exchange’s Jim Hurd and other Water 2.0 participants seized the opportunity to tour a first-of-its-kind-in-North-America geothermal process system at plastic film manufacturer Multifilm LLC. The maker of twist films for Lindor truffles, Godiva gems, pouch films for salty snacks, and flow film for florist bouquets, accesses the innovative renewable energy technology not only to temper its plant air, but to chill its manufacturing processes as well. The system accesses the earth’s underground temperature in water stores without ever actually contacting the water supply.

The tour wrapped up the first annual, three-day Sustainable Manufacturer & Water 2.0 Conference, held May 20 – 22 in Naperville (Chicago) IL.