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Water 2.0 participants tour Multifilm LLC

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Tour of Multifilm plant








Have hairnets; will tour!

A group of distinguished guests, including the U.S. EPA’s Sally Gutierrez, Lux Research’s Brent Giles, Water Innovations Alliance Foundation’s Vincent Caprio, GreenScience Exchange’s Jim Hurd and other Water 2.0 participants seized the opportunity to tour a first-of-its-kind-in-North-America geothermal process system at plastic film manufacturer Multifilm LLC. The maker of twist films for Lindor truffles, Godiva gems, pouch films for salty snacks, and flow film for florist bouquets, accesses the innovative renewable energy technology not only to temper its plant air, but to chill its manufacturing processes as well. The system accesses the earth’s underground temperature in water stores without ever actually contacting the water supply.

The tour wrapped up the first annual, three-day Sustainable Manufacturer & Water 2.0 Conference, held May 20 – 22 in Naperville (Chicago) IL.

NanoBCA News Spring Edition – Recap of 12th Annual DC Roundtable

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2014 has become a banner year for the nanotechnology community.  We have seen M&A, liquidity exits and new start-ups joining our nanotechnology community!

On May 6-7th we completed our 12th Annual NanoBCA DC Roundtable in our nation’s capital.  We kicked off the day at the offices of K&L Gates with a presentation by Paul Stimers, Partner of K&L Gates and NanoBCA Public Policy Advisor.  We proceeded to Capitol Hill to the Dirksen Senate Office Building where we heard presentations from NanoBCA Legacy Foundation members, Graphene Stakeholders Association members and new NanoBCA members.

Scott Rickert, Ph.D., CEO of Nanofilm and Director of PEN, Inc., began the private sector presentations with the announcement of the future activities of Nanofilm and PEN, Inc.

NanoBCA Legacy member, Jess Jankowski, CEO of Nanophase – NANX, updated us on recent successes.  Nanophase is committed to building a company that offers value and transparency to its shareholders.

Jim Phillips, Chairman/CEO of NanoMech, Inc. updated us on the emerging markets and their recent Edison Award.  Congratulations to Jim, Ajay and the NanoMech Team.

Anil Diwan, Ph.D., President & Chairman of NanoViricides, Inc. – NNVC, gave a presentation announcing their expansion into a 20,000 sq. ft. facility.  NanoViricides won the IAIR Award as Best North American Company for Leadership in the Nanomedicine Sector.

Craig Bandes, President & CEO of Pixelligent Technologies shared with the community their recent successes.  The Pixelligent story, with Craig at the helm, is the greatest come-back story of any company from our nano community.  Congratulations to Craig and his team!

We heard two presentations from Graphene Stakeholders Association members, Mike Patterson, CEO of Graphene Frontiers and Gary Economo, CEO of Grafoid, discussing the markets for their products.

Next up were three presentations from new NanoBCA members:  Mark Shaw, CEO of UltraTech International; Carleton Hsia, Ph.D., Chairman & CEO, NanoBlood LLC; and Matthew Putman, CEO of Nanotronics Imaging.

Rounding out the morning we had in-depth presentations from:

Lynn L. Bergeson, Managing Partner of Bergeson & Campbell P.C. and NanoBCA EHS Chairperson, offering her guidance on EHS;

Dr. Gilberto M. (Ybet) Villacorta, Chair of the Intellectual Property Department of the Washington, DC Office of Foley & Lardner LLP, discussing the importance of Intellectual Property;

William Morris, CEO/Chairman, Emerging Technologies Ventures, LLC, spoke about investing in companies specializing in commercializing nanotechnology products.

I would like to thank Foley & Lardner, LLP, NanoBCA Legacy member, for the use of their conference center on Wednesday, May 7th.  Dr. Gilberto M. (Ybet) Villacorta kicked off our Wednesday session observing the past and looking at future trends in the nanotechnology community.  Next, we had comprehensive presentations from the following government officials:

Dr. Mihail C. Roco, Senior Advisor for Nanotechnology, National Science Foundation
Dr. Altaf (Tof) Carim, Assistant Director for Nanotechnology, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President
Lloyd Whitman, Interim Director, NNCO
Robert J. Celotta, Director, CNST, Center Office

Lastly, our final set of speakers on Wednesday were the following:
Governor George F. Allen,   Then, Senator Allen was the co-sponsor of the National Nanotechnology Initiative legislation in 2003.
Mostafa Analoui, Ph.D., Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Livingston Securities.  Mostafa updated us on the biotechnology industry.
The Honorable Kelly H. Carnes, President & CEO, TechVision21.  As the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology Policy, Kelly Carnes addressed many high-profile technology issues, including Federal R&D, innovation and competiveness policy.  Kelly’s presentation explained the current R&D environment.
Philip H. Lippel, Ph.D., Assistant Director, MIT Washington Office.  Phil highlighted advanced manufacturing activities at MIT.


Cellulose Nanomaterials: A Path Toward Commercialization Workshop
May 20-21, 2014
This USDA & NNI sponsored workshop will bring together high level executives from government and multiple industrial sectors to identify pathways for the commercialization of cellulose nanomaterials and facilitate communication across industry sectors to determine common challenges – See more at:

Subcommittee on Research and Technology – Nanotechnology: From Laboratories to Commercial Products
Tuesday, May 20, 2014

MIT Looks to Spend $350 Million on New Nanotechnology Facility

Ben Franklin Approves $975,000 for Nine Early-Stage Companies

We encourage individuals interested in continuing our efforts to provide information in regard to emerging technologies to become individual members of the NanoBCA.  Individual Membership includes participation on our monthly conference call. Our next call is on Thursday, May 29th at 2:PM ET.  Click here to become a NanoBCA Individual Member.  The annual Individual Membership fee is $100.

Congratulations to all the members of the nano community making 2014 a banner year!


Vincent Caprio “Serving the Nanotechnology Community for Over a Decade”
Executive Director
NanoBusiness Commercialization Association

Water 2.0 Returns to Chicago Area – May 21-22 – Northern IL University

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Water 2.0 is returning to the Chicago area May 21-22, 2014!  Our Water 2.0 Conference is located at Northern Illinois University in Naperville, IL.

We have a fabulous AGENDA.







You will have the opportunity to meet Kate Bachman, Editor of Sustainable Manufacturer Network e-Magazine and Alan Hinchman, Global Marketing Director-Infrastructure of GE Intelligent Platforms.

Here is Kate Bachman’s recent article interviewing Alan Hinchman:
Making water supply count more
Intelligent technology helps manufacturers conserve water supply, optimize its quality

Our dynamic line-up of speakers include:

Making Water Supply Count More, by GE’s Alan Hinchman

Accelerating Change, by Christopher Peacock of the Water Innovation Project

Brilliant or Balderdash?  Hunting for Value in Cutting-Edge Industrial Water Technologies, by Brent Giles of Lux Research

Financial Trends in the Water Industry, presented by Jim Hurd of GreenScience Exchange

Global Growth Strategies for a Water Products Company, by Kevin McGovern of The Water Initiative

Advanced Materials Innovations in LID Water Treatment – Field Data and Economics of LID Performance: 2011-2104, by Stephen Spoonamore of ABSMaterials

Using On-Line Sensors and Event Detection Software for Protection of Source Water, by Dan Kroll of the Hach Advanced Technology Group

Water Technology Trends – Patents Reveal Growth and Opportunity, by Scott Anderson of Foley & Lardner

Water Projects: Hot Topics in Finance & Innovation with Clifton McCann & Gregory Chafee of Thompson Hine, Alan Hinchman of GE Intelligent Platforms and Ebie Holst of Clean WaterNet, Ltd.

– Other prominent speakers include David Frede from GE Intelligent Platforms, Jon Reinke from WaterSurplus, Erik Hromadka from Global Water Technologies and Sally Gutierrez from the U.S. EPA.


Water Management & Sustainability with Vincent Caprio | Life Tips – WebmasterRadio.FM
This is a recent radio interview I had in regard to America’s water infrastructure problem.

Hey OEMs: How’s Your Marriage?
By Melanie Brittingham

Looking forward to seeing you in Naperville, IL on May 21st.


Vincent Caprio
Executive Director
Water Innovations Alliance Foundation









Nanotronics Imaging Becomes Part of NanoBCA for 2014 dc Roundtable Regarding NNI

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Published on May 2, 2014 at 8:02 AM

Nanotronics Imaging, the leading microscopy and software company, joins NanoBusiness Commercialization Association (NanoBCA) for the 2014 DC Roundtable regarding National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI). This will be NanoBCA’s 12th visit, dating back to 2002, meeting with numerous government officials in regard to the NNI.

The activities for the day-and-a-half event will be located in downtown Washington, DC and Dirksen Senate Office Building. The Roundtable commences on Tuesday, May 6th at 8:30am and concludes on Wednesday, May 7th at 4:00pm. To learn more about NNI, please visit

“The industrialization of nanotechnology has the broadest ranging ability to transform the way we live. For such a large effort the government must understand the applications and work together with the private sector to build the future,” says Matthew Putman, CEO of Nanotronics Imaging.

“This is our 12th visit meeting with numerous government officials in regard to the NNI,” says Vincent Caprio, Executive Director, NanoBCA. “Joining us will be the leading companies in nanotechnology. We are delighted that Nanotronics Imaging will join us in our 2014 DC roundtable to urge Congress to pass legislation to continue funding nanotechnology.”

The organization will meet with representatives from the Legislative Branch and from the Executive Branch. In addition, the organization will be meeting with representatives from NNCO, OSTP, NSF and other agencies participating in the funding of the NNI.

Important policy developments are on the horizon in 2014 for the NanoBCA community including regulatory developments, advanced manufacturing initiatives and a proposed National Nanotechnology Amendments Act.

Speakers include Matthew Putman, CEO of Nanotronics Imaging, Scott Rickert, Ph.D., CEO, Nanofilm, Jim Phillips, Chairman/CEO, NanoMech, Inc., Jess Jankowski, President & CEO, Nanophase, Lynn L. Bergeson, Managing Partner, Bergeson & Campbell P.C., Craig Bandes, CEO, Pixelligent Technologies, LLC, Dr. Carleton Hsia, Chairman & CEO, NanoBlood, LLC, Governor George F. Allen, Philip H. Lippel, Ph.D., Assistant Director, MIT Washington Office, Robert J. Celotta, Director, CNST, Center Office, Paul Stimers, Partner, K&L Gates, The Honorable Kelly H. Carnes, President & CEO, TechVision21, Mark Shaw, CEO, UltraTech International, Gary Economo, CEO, Grafoid and CEO & Director, Focus Graphite, Mike Patterson, CEO, Graphene Frontiers, Fern P. O’Brian, Partner, Thompson Hine LLP, David J. Arthur, CEO, SouthWest NanoTechnologies Inc. (SWeNT), Dr. Altaf (Tof) Carim, Assistant Director for Nanotechnology, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President, Anil Diwan, Ph. D., President & Chairman, NanoViricides, Inc., Lloyd Whitman, Interim Director, NNCO, Scott Livingston, Chairman & CEO, Livingston Securities LLC, and William Morris, CEO/Chairman, Emerging Technologies Ventures, LLC.

The NNI ( is a U.S. Government research and development (R&D) initiative involving 20 departments and independent agencies working together toward the shared vision of “a future in which the ability to understand and control matter at the nanoscale leads to a revolution in technology and industry that benefits society.” The NNI brings together the expertise needed to advance this broad and complex field-creating a framework for shared goals, priorities, and strategies that helps each participating Federal agency leverage the resources of all participating agencies. With the support of the NNI, nanotechnology R&D is taking place in academic, government, and industry laboratories across the United States.

To learn more, please contact, Miranda Tan at or 917-678-6041.

To register for the event, please contact or 203-733-1949


Water 2.0 Returns to Chicago Area – May 21-22 – Northern IL University

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Our Water 2.0 Conference is returning to the Chicago area, May 21-22nd.  The 2-day event is located at Northern Illinois University in Naperville, IL.  We have a fabulous AGENDA.






Here is our dynamic line-up of speakers.

Alan Hinchman, Global Marketing Director-Infrastructure, GE Intelligent Platforms

The Information Conundrum – How to make your water & wastewater data count
Kyle Reissner
, Senior Marketing Manager Automation Software, GE Intelligent Platforms

Water Technology Trends – Patents Reveal Growth and Opportunity
Scott Anderson
, Partner, Foley & Lardner LLP

Water Projects:  Hot Topics in Finance & Innovation
Clifton McCann
, Partner, Thompson Hine
Gregory Chafee, Partner, Thompson Hine
Alan Hinchman, Global Marketing Director-Infrastructure, GE Intelligent Platforms

Jon Reinke, Vice President Engineering, WaterSurplus

Reception Sponsored by GE




THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2014
Financial Trends in the Water Industry
Jim Hurd
, Director, GreenScience Exchange

Brilliant or Balderdash? Hunting for value in cutting-edge industrial water technologies.
Brent Giles
, PhD, Senior Analyst, Lux Research Inc.

Christopher Peacock, Founder, Water Innovation Project

Global growth strategies for water products company
Kevin McGovern
, CEO, The Water Initiative

Stephen Spoonamore, CEO, ABSMaterials Inc.

Erik Hromadka, CEO, Global Water Technologies

Using on-line sensors and event detection software for protection of source water
Dan Kroll
, Chief Scientist, Hach Homeland Security Technologies; Principal Investigator, Hach Advanced Technology Group

Sally C. Gutierrez, Director, U.S. EPA’s Environmental Technology Innovation Cluster Development & Support Program

12:30-1:00pm  Lunch

1:00pm  Tour


We have a room block at:

Courtyard Chicago Naperville
1155 East Diehl Road
Naperville, IL  60563
$145.00 per night
Cut-off date: Monday, May 5, 2014

To reserve your hotel room call:
(630) 505-0550
Please identify yourself as part of the Water Innovation Foundation – Sustainable Manufacturer & Water 2.0 Conference group.



Don’t Be a Nothingman
By Kyle Reissner

GE, Saudi Aramco launch project to improve desalination technologies
Water/Waste Processing

Pump Station Optimization Is No Pipe Dream
By Alan Hinchman

How to Make People Care About Energy Waste
By Jordan Gilmore

Engaging Customers through Technology
By Chris Peacock

Hoping to see you in Naperville, Illinois.


Vincent Caprio
Executive Director
Water Innovations Alliance Foundation