Our colleague and education member, Omni Nano, has received a Challenge Grant from a Family Charitable Trust. If Omni Nano raises $25,000 by the end of February, this Trust will also donate $25,000 to Omni Nano (1:1 matching).

Omni Nano provides the digital textbooks and curricula to instruct nanotech courses in the high schools and colleges of our communities. Because of Omni Nano’s work, there are now thousands of students across America and around the world that know more about nanotechnology. Their work to educate young adults in nanotechnology is very important to our community.

Please, join me in supporting Omni Nano by making a donation in the amount with which you are most comfortable. I personally donate every year, and I am proud of our NanoBCA members who continuously donate. There are many ways you can donate to Omni Nano: https://omninano.org/donate-to-stem-education/

You can follow this link to read the Grant Letter: 

Thank you for your support and Happy New Year!