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Happy Holidays from your friends at NanoBCA!

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Happy Holidays from your friends at WIAF!

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WIAF Recommends – Aquananotechnology: Global Prospects

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Aquananotechnology: Global Prospects provides a comprehensive roadmap for emerging technologies for the water industry. From access to water to repair of the water infrastructure, this is an encyclopedia of how to solve our worldwide water problems. It is a must read for water technologists.”
– Vincent Caprio, Founder, Water Innovations Alliance Foundation, Shelton, Connecticut, USA

Aquananotechnology-2“Governments, as well as businesses in sectors as diverse as agriculture, power generation, and manufacturing, know that water is central to their economic activities. Aquananotechnology: Global Prospects highlights water technologies that continue to push the boundaries of material science and innovation to reach new breakthroughs of cost and performancevital for sustainable economic growth and profitability.”
Snehal Desai, Dow Water and Process Solutions, Edina, Minnesota, USA

“With water quality and scarcity destined to be enduring global megatrends for next century, Aquananotechnology: Global Prospects depicts an impressive array of breakthrough approaches to water treatment. The topics span from innovations in ridding drinking water of trace contaminants to cutting-edge technologies to solve the newest water challenges, such as those posed by fracking and the treatment of ballast water on cargo ships.”
– Deane Dray, water investment analyst and advisor to the United Nations, New York City, USA

“The world needs diverse solutions to our pressing water scarcity and quality challenges. This book showcases a refreshing variety of forward-thinking approaches through a distinctly global perspective. I recommend this as a must read for experienced practitioners and newcomers alike.”
– Dr. Phil Rolchigo, Pentair, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Aquananotechnology: Global Prospects
Published:September 24, 2014 by CRC Press
Content: 887 Pages | 340 B/W Illustrations
Edited by David E. Reisner, PhD and T. Pradeep, PhD

– Includes contributions from world-class experts in the use of nanotechnology in water science
– Describes the latest methods in water purification and desalination related to nanotechnology
– Covers high surface area nanomaterials used in point-of-use (POU) systems at the faucet to eliminate contaminants that pass through the municipal water supply
– Provides extensive references at the end of each chapter to enhance further study
– Offers a global perspective of the role of nanotechnology in water treatment

The world’s fresh water supplies are dwindling rapidly—even wastewater is now considered an asset. By 2025, most of the world’s population will be facing serious water stresses and shortages. Aquananotechnology: Global Prospects breaks new ground with its informative and innovative introduction of the application of nanotechnology to the remediation of contaminated water for drinking and industrial use. It provides a comprehensive overview, from a global perspective, of the latest research and developments in the use of nanotechnology for water purification and desalination methods.

The book also covers approaches to remediation such as high surface area nanoscale media for adsorption of toxic species, UV treatment of pathogens, and regeneration of saturated media with applications in municipal water supplies, produced water from fracking, ballast water, and more. It also discusses membranes, desalination, sensing, engineered polymers, magnetic nanomaterials, electrospun nanofibers, photocatalysis, endocrine disruptors, and Al13 clusters. It explores physics-based phenomena such as subcritical water and cavitation-induced sonoluminescence, and fog harvesting.

With contributions from experts in developed and developing countries, including those with severe contamination, such as China, India, and Pakistan, the book’s content spans a wide range of the subject areas that fall under the aquananotechnology banner, either squarely or tangentially. The book strongly emphasizes sorption media, with broad application to a myriad of contaminants—both geogenic and anthropogenic—keeping in mind that it is not enough for water to be potable, it must also be palatable.


GE Intelligent Platforms – FacilityConneX FREE Webinar
How Continuous Equipment Optimization Delivers Increased Operational Efficiency
Wednesday, December 10, 2014 2:PM

See how FacilityConneX, powered by GE Proficy, can help you improve operational efficiency by up to 40%…securely through the Industrial Cloud!

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Don’t miss this learning event and drive transformation for your business. You’ll have the unique opportunity to gain insights into:
– Mobility and real-time operational intelligence
– Asset availability and reliability
– Process performance optimization
– Operational visibility and collaboration
– Powerful control platforms


Data-driven Insights on the California Drought
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Treating Water to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee
Water Technology

Water 2.0 2014: Are Water Utilities Ready for Innovation?
Vincent Caprio
Our Water Counts – Water-Wise Blog

Bringing Soil-moisture Monitoring Technology from Cornfield to Battlefield


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Once again, the Water Innovations Alliance Foundation recommends Aquananotechnology: Global Prospects.


Vincent Caprio
Founder & Executive Director
Water Innovations Alliance Foundation

NanoBCA Nano News Fall Edition – Upcoming Events

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Here is an update for the next two months on events serving our nanotechnology community.


10th Annual Livingston Securities Nano Conference
December 8-9, 2014 – Chicago, IL
Seating is limited.  Reserve your space today

Monday, December 8, 2014
Noon Lunch – Registration
12:30 Welcome – Mike Gould, PWC & Jonathan Mason, Livingston Securities
12:45 Public Private Partnerships – Northwestern, Argonne National Labs, SITRI Group
1:45 Company Presentations
2:45 NanoElectronics, MEMS & the Internet-of-Things – Investment Strategies – Tom Licata, Head of Electronics, Livingston Securities
3:15 Company Presentations
4:15 Nanotechnology and the Greater Chicago Economy – Sean Murdock & Scott Livingston
4:45 Closing Comments – Mike Gould PWC & Jonathan Mason, Livingston Securities
5:00 Drinks/Networking

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
8:30am Registration
9:00 Welcome – Mike Gould, PWC & Jonathan Mason, Livingston Securities
9:15 University Centers of Excellence – Argonne National Labs, Univeristy of Washington & University of Illinois
10:00 Company Presentations
11:00 “Changing the Way that Innovation is Financed on Wall Street” – Scott Livingston, CEO of Livingston Securities
11:30 Investor panel
12:15 Lunch – “Going public in the new JOBS Act Era, Trends & Observations” – Mike Gould, Partner, PWC
1:00 Company Presentations
1:45 Company Presentations
2:30 Closing Comments – Jonathan Mason, Livingston Securities & Mike Gould, PWC

Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education (NSEE) Materials Exhibition
For more information on what you will experience visit and enter password NSEE.
Part of an NSF funded NSEE Workshop
Thursday, December 11, 2014
1:00 to 3:00 pm
Free Event at the Westin Arlington Gateway
Fitzgerald Ballroom A, 801 North Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22203

NanoInformatics 2015: Enabling Successful Discovery and Applications
January 26-28, 2015
Holiday Inn National Airport Hotel in Arlington, VA

Regular attendees: $200, Students: FREE

Click here to view the AGENDA

The purpose of the Nanoinformatics 2015 workshop is to bring together stakeholders in order to assess the state of informatics relevant to the all aspects of the nanotechnology enterprise and to set priority targets for the future. From materials to processes to products; accessible data, information, models, and simulations will enable innovators to optimize performance and accelerate the innovation cycle from concept to product. Scientists and engineers will be able to efficiently assess the safety of new nanomaterials and quantitatively implement best practices of safe manufacturing and usage of nanomaterials throughout product lifecycles. Scientists will share predictive models and data that enable the design and discovery of nanomaterials and the resulting performance of systems that use them.

Nanoinformatics encompasses aspects of data collection, tools, and sharing, along with associated applications that are becoming a key element of nanotechnology research, nanotechnology environmental health and safety (nanoEHS), product development and sustainable manufacturing. The organization of nanomaterial data into interoperable databases will provide the necessary tools/platforms for companies to quantify liability threats; comply with regulations; minimize materials usage, energy consumption, and overall cost; while ensuring safety to people and the environment. Building upon the growing base of manufacturing resources and intellectual infrastructure, Nanoinformatics 2015 will provide overviews on present database development projects, tools, and resources currently being leveraged; discuss gaps and challenges with establishing an open access informatics infrastructure; facilitate synergistic discussions of emerging applications; and provide ample opportunities for collaboration amongst the community stakeholders.

Nanoinformatics 2015 will review the state of the art in methods for collecting, archiving, modeling, visualizing, and sharing data and identify opportunities and gaps for expanding the roadmap for nanoinformatics.

Workshop topics will include:

Process modeling and control
Materials supply chain
Life cycle inventory data
System scale-up methodology
NanoEHS data and models
Data workflow processes
Nanomaterials properties data
Data mining tools and opportunities
Database design and accessibility
Design for manufacturability
Minimal data sets
Interlaboratory studies
Materials modeling and characterization
Uncertainty quantification
Sharing practices and incentives


PEN Inc. Names Dore Perler Vice President of Sales

Harris & Harris Group Reports Financial Statements as of September 30, 2014

mPhase Technologies’ Smart Drug Delivery System Holds Significant Portion of Patentable Claims
Business Wire


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Looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming events.


Vincent Caprio “Serving the Nanotechnology Community for Over a Decade”
Executive Director
NanoBusiness Commercialization Association