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Happy Holidays from NanoBCA!

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Happy Holidays from Water 2.0!

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COFES 2018 Early Winter Update

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You might want to take a look at the COFES Update below, which includes news on:

  • End of normal registration period (you can save $400 if you register before December 31st!)
  • George Gilder, Best-Selling Author and VC to give Saturday Keynote
  • COFES 2018 List of Participants
  • Theme for COFES 2018: Human-Aided Design: Changing the Relationship between Our Tools and Us
  • Last Call for CAD Society Nominations
  • Call for Roundtable Topics
  • COFES Institute Interviews
  • COFES 2017 Audio and Videos now online

I hope you will be able to join us in Arizona next April.

COFES Late Registration Begins January 1st

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to register today!

Save $400 by registering by Sunday, December 31st!

If you are interested in registering for COFES 2018, then please email me at

George Gilder, Best-Selling Author and Venture Capitalist to give Saturday Keynote at COFES 2018

Mr. Gilder is Chairman of Gilder Publishing LLC, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and a founder-fellow of the Discovery Institute in Seattle.

He is the author of many books on economics and technology including, Wealth and Poverty (1981), The Spirit of Enterprise (1986), Microcosm (1989), Life After Television (1990), Telecosm (2000), The Silicon Eye (2005), and The Israel Test (2009)In the past decade, Gilder has begun revolutionizing the field of economics.

In his book, Knowledge and Power (2013), Gilder presents a new economics based on the information theory that enabled the computer revolution and the rise of the Internet. In a review, Steve Forbes stated that the book “will profoundly and positively reshape economics… (and) will rank as one of the most influential works of our era.” The book won the Leonard E. Read prize at FreedomFest in Las Vegas in 2013.

In his latest book, The Scandal of Money (2016), Gilder extends the economics of information theory into a prescription for overcoming worldwide disorders of money with new crypto-currencies linked to gold. James Grant, publisher of “Grant’s Interest Rate Observer,” stated that the book “will outlast the Federal Reserve.” Peter Thiel declared “he is our best guide to our most fundamental economic problem.” His next book, Life After Google, is due to be published in 2018.

Mr. Gilder is a contributing editor of Forbes magazine and a contributor to such publications as the ForbesHarvard Business ReviewThe Wall Street Journal, and other publications. He lives in Tyringham, Massachusetts, in the Berkshire Mountains, where he is an active churchman, runner/cross country skier, and with his wife Nini, parent of four children.

COFES 2018 List of Participants

COFES attracts thought-leaders from many disciplines. Here is a list of participants for COFES 2018 thus far.

COFES 2018 Theme: Human-Aided Design: Changing the Relationship between Our Tools and Us

COFES is that place on the calendar that we set aside to lift our heads from the daily grind and consider our work in a broader context. This year at COFES 2018, we will explore human-aided design and have an in depth look at the changing relationship between our tools and us. The advent of digital personal computers and the development of software profoundly transformed the way products were designed. The advent of computer-aided design gave engineers an array of powerful new tools. As the Internet evolved, CAD migrated into the cloud. Today, powerful design tools are available globally and have become an integral part of the engineering landscape.

Today, we stand at the dawn of a new era of design – what we refer to as human-aided design. Advances in computer hardware and software are profoundly altering the way in which we interact with technology. Humans are now merging with computers in a way that has never existed previously. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality are radically reshaping the design landscape. Innovations in 3D printing technology and advances in additive manufacturing processes represent a convergence of atoms and bits that promise to usher in the next industrial revolution.

At COFES 2018, we will examine the emergence of human-aided design and discuss the convergence of atoms and bits and the impact it promises to have on the way products are designed and engineered. We hope you can join us for what promises to be an exhilarating event.

Last Call for CAD Society award nominations

The CAD Society is accepting nominations for the 2018 CAD Society Industry Awards until December 31st, 2017.

If you have someone you think would be a good candidate, please email your nominations to:

Nominations must identify the award category and candidate. It would help to also share your thoughts on why the nominee deserves to be honored.

The CAD Society Awards acknowledge the contributions made by individuals that have affected and developed the CAD, engineering, manufacturing and architecture software industries. The awards are presented each year at the COFES Saturday night reception.

The CAD Society presents awards in three categories:

Joe Greco Community Award: For outstanding work in improving communication and developing community within the CAD industry. Steve Robbins was the 2017 Community award recipients. Other past award recipients include: David Cohn, Bob Deragisch, Jon Jarrett, Al Dean, Marie Planchard, Jeff Mottle, Evan Yares, Sean Dotson, Chris Yessios, Lynn Allen, Randall Rath, CJ Shirk, Kristine Fallon, and Ralph Grabowski.

Leadership Award: For outstanding technical and business leadership in the CAD industry, and focus and dedication to the needs of CAD users. Chuck Grindstaff was the 2017 Leadership award recipient. Other past award recipients include: Peter Schroer, Jim Heppelmann, Hardy Meybaum, Wilfried Gräbert, Oleg Shilovitsky, Dieter Neujahr, Carl Bass, Jay Sunyogh, Dana K. “Deke” Smith, Robert McNeel, Tony Affuso, Tom Butta, Jon Hirschtick, and Bernard Charles.

Lifetime Award: For a lifetime of outstanding technical and business contributions to the CAD industry. Chuck Hull was the 2017 Lifetime award recipient. Other past award recipients include: John McEleney, Jon Peddie, Ivan Sutherland David Levin, Ken & BJ Anderson, Dave Weisberg, Richard Riff, Mike Riddle, Dean Kamen, Russell F. Henke, Ken Versprille, L. Stephen Wolfe, Carl Machover, Dr. Joel Orr, and Patrick Hanratty.

Call for Roundtable Topics

Roundtable discussions are a key element to COFES. We don’t announce the topics until about two weeks before the event. That gives us time to consider the topics that are relevant at the time of COFES (rather than guessing a year in advance).

Have a topic you think is relevant? A pressing issue that could impact software for design and engineering? We’re actively seeking ideas for roundtable topics for COFES 2018. Give us a shout at

COFES Institute Interviews

October 2017
Brad Holtz, Co-Founder of COFES

November 2017
Jon Hirschtick, Co-Founder and CEO of Onshape

COFES 2017 Audio and Videos Online

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve posted the videos from the COFES 2017 keynotes and special presentations on the COFES website. Check out  These, as well as the audio below, are free to all.

We’ve also made it possible for anyone to listen to the audio recordings from Tech Suite Briefings, Analyst Briefings, and Roundtable discussions. Check them out!