The NanoBusiness Commercialization Association (NanoBCA) would like to recommend:

Venture Investing in Science
by Douglas W. Jamison and Stephen R. Waite

A short message about the book from co-author, Stephen Waite:

Over the past decade, software companies have increasingly monopolized the flow of venture capital, starving support for scientific research and its transformative discoveries. New medicines, cheaper and faster personal computers, and other life-changing developments all stem from investment in science. In the past, these funds led to steam engines, light bulbs, microprocessors, 3D printers, and even the Internet. In Venture Investing in Science, Douglas Jamison and I directly link financial support to revolutionary advancements in physics, computers, chemistry, and biology and make a passionate case for continued investing in science to meet the global challenges of our time.

Clean air and water, cures for intractable diseases, greener public transportation, cheaper and faster communication technologies—these are some of the rich opportunities awaiting venture capital investment today. In the book, Doug and I focus on how early-stage companies specializing in commercializing transformative technologies based on deep science have been shunned by venture capitalists, and how the development of such companies have been hampered by structural changes in capital markets and government regulation over the past decade. These shifts have impeded the development of nanotechnology over the past decade. We argue that reinvigorating science-based technological innovation is crucial to reactivating the economic dynamism that lifts living standards and fuels prosperity over time.

Venture Investing in Science includes two case studies: one, on quantum computing pioneer D-Wave Systems, and another on carbon nanotube electronics pioneer, Nantero. It is noteworthy that as of today, neither company has been able to access the public capital markets via an initial public offering.

Commenting on Venture Investing in Science, prominent venture capitalist and best-selling author, George Gilder, stated:

“Jamison and Waite have written the crucial economic book of the year, addressing the crisis of venture capital in an era without ‘deep science’-based innovations and IPOs, and with leviathans buying up their own shares and the shares of their rivals while stinting on the hard science behind all truly transformative progress.”

Praise for Venture Investing in Science

“Until reading this book I had not encountered such a cohesive and well-researched account of the current state of deep science commercialization. Every member of society should understand what permits successful technology commercialization to occur and how they might play a part in its success. A great work.”—Braun Kiess, Rutgers Business School

“Due to the shifting venture investing landscape and changes in the regulatory environment, deep science R&D—after billions in government investment—is not being commercialized to its full potential. Society needs a balanced approach. Otherwise the economy and quality of life are at risk. This book is a call for change.”—Mihail C. Roco, senior advisor for science and engineering at the National Science Foundation

“This fascinating book should be required reading for all entrepreneurs and investors interested in science- and technology-based startups.”—Andrew W. Lo, MIT Sloan School of Management

“This book makes a compelling case that attention needs to be refocused on science-based businesses and a more robust capital market for early-stage companies to increase U.S. economic dynamism.”—Andrew J. Malik, chairman, Needham & Company, LLC

“The authors have been at ground zero of science venture investing for nearly two decades. Economic success in the U.S. will likely depend on how well the forces the authors identify are understood, harnessed, and harvested.”—Keith Crandell, cofounder and managing director, ARCH V

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Once again, we highly recommend Venture Investing in Science.