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Responsible Development, Social Science, and the National Nanotechnology Initiative: A Workshop to Explore Past and Future Intersections
Wednesday, July 24, 2024
9:00am – 5:00pm

Since its inception, the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) has emphasized the importance of responsible development, and social scientists have played important roles in the interdisciplinary research that supports fundamental and applied research in nanotechnology. Following this tradition, the NNI and the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO) are convening a workshop to bring together federal experts in nanotechnology with social scientists with expertise on specific tools and frameworks relevant to the responsible development of emerging technologies. The agenda will include a presentation about the recently released “Blueprint for the Use of Social and Behavioral Science to Advance Evidence-Based Policymaking,” introductions to key nanotechnology case studies by federal experts, and flash talks by social scientists. The meeting will promote brainstorming new intersections between social science and nanotechnology R&D with the goals of i) integrating social science into future visions of interdisciplinary research, development, and training, and ii) reinvigorating networks that connect the NNI to the social science community.

Meeting Location:

470 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Suite 8001, Washington, DC 20024. Directions are available here.

Virtual participation is also available, but online attendees will not be able to contribute to small group discussions in the afternoon session. Questions may be collected from online participants to inform the meeting.

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9:00am  Welcome and introductions

9:30am  Presentation and Q&A on the “Blueprint for the Use of Social and Behavioral Science to Advance Evidence-Based Policymaking”

9:55am  Presentation and Q&A on the ELSI section of the National Nanotechnology Initiative Environmental, Health, and Safety Research Strategy: 2024 Update

10:15am  Break

10:30am  Social Science Flash Talks (10 mins each)

12:00pm  Lunch

12:45pm  Social Science Flash Talks (10 mins each)

1:30pm  Nanotechnology Case Studies – Introductions by NSET agency representatives

2:15pm  Break

2:30pm  Small-group discussions (rotating among case studies) [Note: this portion of the agenda unavailable to online participants]

4:30pm  Report Out and Discussion

4:45pm  Closing and Next Steps


Briñas, Raymond FDA, Office of Food Additive Safety

Brough, Branden NNCO, Director

Chen, Kaiping University of Wisconsin – Madison; Communication Strategies with Diverse Groups

Chen, Hongda USDA/NIFA

Chen, Jermont NIH/NBIB, Division of Discovery Science and Technology

Daemmrich, Arthur Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes; Chemical Risk, Testing and Regulatory Cultures

Delborne, Jason NNCO, AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow

Evans, Sam Weiss National Security Commission on Emerging Biotechnology; Emerging Technologies and Security

Grieger, Khara North Carolina State University; Risk Analysis, Stakeholder Engagement

Haes, Amanda DOE/Basic Energy Sciences

Hartley, Sarah University of Exeter (UK); Risk Assessment, Responsible Innovation

Merid, Beza Arizona State University; Digital Health and Racial Justice

Nelson, John P. Georgia Institute of Technology; Public Value Mapping, Ethics of Emerging Tech

Palmer, Megan Gingko Bioworks; iGEM Policy and Practice Program

Spadola, Quinn NNCO, Deputy Director

Shelley-Egan, Clare Delft University of Technology; Responsible Development and Nanotechnology

Tomblin, David University of Maryland; Participatory Technology Assessment

Udu-gama, Natasha American Geophysical Union – Thriving Earth Exchange; Community Science

Vietas, Jay NIOSH/Nanotechnology Research Center

Zhernenkov, Misha DOE/Basic Energy Sciences

For further information, contact:

Jason Delborne, AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow, NNCO

We hope you will be able to participate!