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CNF Virtual Short Course: Technology & Characterization at the NanoScale (CNF TCN)

Wednesday 1/27 – Friday 1/29
11AM – 3PM ET


Email Rebecca Vliet

Each day offers lectures and laboratory demonstrations designed to impart a broad understanding of the science and technology required to undertake research in nanoscience. TCN is an ideal way for faculty, students, post docs and staff members to rapidly come up to speed in many of the technologies that users of the CNF need to employ. Members of the high-tech business community will also find it an effective way to learn best practices for success in a nanofab environment. Attendance is open to the general scientific community, but class size is limitedThe short course augments but does not replace the three-part training required to become a user of our facility.


Attendance is open to the general scientific community and is not limited to CNF users or Cornell students. We strongly encourage all persons expecting to become CNF users to attend this virtual short course. It is suitable for both new and experienced researchers interested in nanoscale science. An emphasis will be placed on CNF laboratory resources, however, the concepts and techniques discussed are generally applicable to research in this field and do not require use of CNF. Please note the lab demonstrations do not replace any required formal tool trainings.


Day 1: Introduction & Microfluidic Systems
Wednesday 1/27
11AM – 3PM ET

Day 2: MEMS Cantilever Fabrication
Thursday 1/28
11AM – 3PM ET

Day 3: Nanoelectrode Fabrication
Friday 1/29
11AM – 3PM ET

We hope you will be able to participate in this virtual short course.