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The Definitive Nano Conference

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Nanotech Commercialization Conference April 9-10, 2013  Wake Forest Biotech Place, Winston-Salem, NC

Organized by:

North Carolina Department of Commerce, , Center of Innovation for Nanobiotechnology, NanoBusiness Commercialization Association

The 5th Annual Nanotech Commercialization Conference is the preeminent nanotechnology conference held in the South.

Nanotech innovators, cutting-edge start-ups, leading researchers, public policy leaders and visionaries will be in attendance. If you are involved with nanotechnology, this is an essential conference.

Join us at one of the Nano Community’s most comprehensive events.

$150 Registration

Keynote Speakers

Top row – left to right:

  • Dr. Anthony Atala, Professor & Chair, Wake Forest University
  • Prof. David L. Carroll, Ph.D., Dir., Nanotechnology & Molecular Materials, Wake Forest University
  • Travis Earles, Sr. Manager, Advanced Materials & Nanotech Initiatives, Lockheed Martin Corp.
  • Alan Hinchman, Global Marketing Director, GE Intelligent Platforms
  • Doug Jamison, Chairman, CEO & Managing Director, Harris & Harris Group, Inc.

Bottom row – left to right:

  • Scott Livingston, Chairman & CEO, Livingston Securities
  • Jim Phillips, Chairman/CEO, NanoMech
  • Scott Rickert, Ph.D., President, Co-founder & CEO, Nanofilm
  • Dr. Mihail C. Roco, Senior Advisor for Nanotechnology, NSF
  • Sally Tinkle, Ph.D., Deputy Director, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office


Lynn L. Bergeson

Bergeson & Campbell P.C.

Dr. Ginger Rothrock

Program Manager,

RTI International

John Hardin,

Ph.D. Exec. Dir., Science & Technology, NC Dept. of Commerce

Fern O’Brian

Partner, Thompson Hine

Prof. Jagannathan Sankar, Ph.D.

Dist. Prof., N.C. A&T

Richard Czerw,

Ph.D. CEO, NanoTechLabs, Inc.

Dr. Jeffrey D. Morse

Mng. Dir., Nat’l. Nanomanufacturing Network

Allen Gelwick

Executive Vice President, Lockton Companies

Dr. Gilberto M. (Ybet) Villacorta

Partner, Foley & Lardner, LLP

James G. Ryan,

Ph.D. Founding Dean, JSNN

Dr. Nan Marie Jokerst

Dist. Prof, Duke University

Douglas DeFaux

CTO, Alfie Technology Corp.

Stephen R. Waite

Mng. Partner,

SoundView Advisory

Roger Cubiccotti, Ph.D. Pres./CEO, Science Advisor, NanoMedica LLC

Russell L. Jones

Acct. Exec., Summers Thompson Lowry, Inc.

Dr. Michele Ostraat

Sr. Dir. RTI International

Paul S. Clayson

President & CEO,


Johnny Rodrigues

Chief Commercialization Officer, Xemerge

Harry Bushong

President & Co-Founder, nanoTox, Inc.

Vincent Caprio

Exec. Dir.,


Ken Russell,

Ph.D. Director, Enterprise Strategy, CISCO

Peter Seoane, Ph.D.

NSF Eng. Research Center, NC A&T State Univ.

Dr. Veena Misra


Nanosystems Ctr.,


Ed Olivares

Federal Business Group

Jack B. Hicks

Partner, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP

Robert Burns

SVP, Harris & Harris Group, Inc.

Timothy Persons, Ph.D. Chief Scientist, U.S. GAO

Dr. Benham Pourdeyhimi Exec. Dir., Nonwovens Inst., NCSU

Michael Sullivan

Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice LLP

Griffith A. Kundahl

Exec. Dir., COIN

Keith Blakely

CEO, The InVentures Group

Scott Bryant

President, NanoNetwork of New Mexico

Joseph Piché

CEO, Eikos

Craig Bandes

Pres. & CEO,

Pixelligent Technologies

Alan Rae Ph.D.

CEO,  NanoMaterials

Innovation Center

Ben Harrison,

Ph.D. Wake  Forest Inst. for Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Sunit Talapatra

Sr. Counsel, Foley & Lardner LLP

Dr. Sumit Gangwal

VP R&D, Xanofi

Daniel Joseph Christian Herr,

Ph.D. Prof. & Nanoscience Dept. Chair, JSNN

Alexander V Kabanov, Ph.D.

Dir., UNC Center for Nanotechnology

To see the agenda, please click here:

Hotel Accommodations

Winston-Salem Marriott

245 North Cherry Street

Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Toll-Free:  800-888-9762

Click here to reserve your room


Please contact Vincent Caprio with additional questions in regard to sponsorship or speaking opportunities:

Water 2.0 Conference: Providing Digital Solutions

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Written by Vincent Caprio

I had the opportunity to participate at our Water 2.0 Conference on February 26th at NBC Headquarters, 30 Rockefeller Center in NYC.

The Water Innovations Alliance Foundation has conducted research on America’s Aging Water Infrastructure.

Unfortunately, the facts are the following:

1) Many of America’s pipes are over 60 years old with extensive leakage

2) There are over 700 water main breaks in America every day

3) Estimated cost to repair U.S. water infrastructure is $365-$400 Billion
After listening to our dozen speakers, I feel optimistic in regard to solving America’s water infrastructure issues.

We started and finished the day by discussing the World Economy, our American Economy, Wall Street and Main Street.

Marco Annunziata, Chief Economist for General Electric presented a positive outlook for 2013-2014.  Marco told us China is not crashing, the Eurozone is not disintegrating and the U.S. is not falling off the “cliff.”

Marco’s Presentation

Scott Livingston, Chairman & CEO of Livingston Securities concluded the event with insight on equity markets as the Dow passed 14,000.  He informed us that investment money is flowing into emerging water start-up deals.  Scott said that the outlook for Wall Street in 2013 will continue to be positive.

Ralph Exton, Chief Marketing Officer, Water & Process Technologies for GE Power & Water discussed the water challenge facing a mega-city like New York.  NYC uses 1.5 billion gallons per day.  Ralph gave us one of the most compelling explanations of the Water-Energy Nexus I have heard to date.

Ralph’s presentation

Kyle Reissner, Senior Marketing Manager Automation Software for GE Intelligent Platforms talked about delivering Real-Time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) in industry, similar to what is already happening in social network (Facebook) platforms that deliver Real-time Social Intelligence (RtSI).  After seeing Kyle’s presentation, it seems as if RtOI data sources could drive Water 2.0.

Kyle’s presentation

Amanda Brock, CEO of Water Standard gave us an eye opening presentation in regard to innovation in water treatment.  Her case study was enlightening.  In my 25 years of being a Conference Event Director, Amanda’s speech was one of the top presentations I have ever heard.

Amanda’s presentation

Terry E. Biederman, P.E., Global Industry Manager – Water for GE Intelligent Platforms provided us with a history and roadmap of Water 2.0 solutions.  He has hands on experience as a former Public Utility official.  Terry has seen the technology evolution in public water treatment plants.

Terry’s Presentation

Kudos to Ben Armstrong, CEO of WellDone and Kevin McGovern, CEO of The Water Initiative for their contributions in changing people’s lives.  Both of their products solve the problem of access to fresh drinking water.  Ben’s product is going to make a difference in Africa.  Kevin’s product is in Mexico, producing fresh drinking water.

A special thank you to Val Nicholas, VP/Creative Director of NBC News, New York for an inspirational presentation on innovation.  Val’s passion motivated all of our participants.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of the speakers including:

Looking forward to our next Water 2.0 Conference on May 15th in Washington, DC.

NanoBCA 2013 Top Large Corporation Nanotech Innovators

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We are excited to announce this year’s NanoBusiness Commercialization Association’s 2013 Top Large Corporation Nanotech Innovators.  We will be reviewing this list at our 5th Annual Nanotech Commercialization Conference on Wednesday, April 10th at the Wake Forest Biotech Place in Winston Salem, NC.  I will be interviewing Steve Waite, Managing Partner at SoundView Advisory, who will be discussing the achievements of these companies on the Nano Innovation panel.  This panel will also include presentations from Paul Clayson, President & CEO of HzO and Robert Burns, Senior Vice President of Harris & Harris Group.

– Cancer vaccines
– Computer chips
– Advanced materials
– Targeted delivery therapeutics
– Advanced building materials
– Semiconductor equipment
– Advanced materials, photovoltaics
– Advanced materials, photovoltaics
– Advanced diagnostics
General Motors
– High strength composites
Hewlett Packard
– Memristors
– Quantum computing, Nanotubes
– Microprocessors
LG Electronics
– Advanced materials
– Skin care
Lockheed Martin
– EMI-ESD coatings
– Advanced materials
– Nanomaterials solutions for large corporations
– Diagnostic tools
– Reformulations and targeted delivery therapeutics
– Reformulations and targeted delivery therapeutics
– High performance computer chips

Gina McCarthy Gets EPA Head Nomination From Obama

Obama to Appoint New Energy Secretary, EPA Chief, and Budget Director

Nanotechnology’s 4,500-Year Health Record – Industry Week
By Scott E. Rickert, CEO, Nanofilm Ltd. – Scott will be a Keynote Speaker at our NC Event

Nanotechnology could be a driving force for Maryland’s tech sector
This article is a profile of Pixelligent Technologies – Craig Bandes, President & CEO will be a Speaker at our Event

Top 10 Crowdfunders of 2013
By David Drake, Founder & Chairman, LDJ Capital

EPA Calls for 2013 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award Nominations:
New green chemistry technologies grow markets and save businesses money!OpenDocument

U.S. Leads in Nanotechnology Patents, East Asia Making Gains

Light Work – The Economist

Last year, we had over 300 participants at our North Carolina Event.  We are looking forward to seeing you in North Carolina in April.


Vincent Caprio “Serving the Nanotechnology Community for Over a Decade”
Executive Director
NanoBusiness Commercialization Association

WIAF Review of Water 2.0 Conference held on February 26th at 30 Rock NYC

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We wanted to thank everyone for joining us on February 26th at Water 2.0 located at 30 Rockefeller Center in NYC.  We have received over a dozen emails complementing us on our program. We would like to thank GE, Our Water Counts and our WIAF Corporate Members.

We would like to provide a review of our Conference.  Here is the link to the Water 2.0 Speaker Presentations:

Many of our attendees have inquired about getting more involved with WIAF.  Individual Memberships are available and you can join today!  As an Individual Member you will be invited to participate in our monthly Conference Call. Our next is on Thursday, March 28th.

Become an Individual Member:

Today we would like to announce our next Water 2.0 Event scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 15th. The conference will be held at 1299 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 900 (9th Floor), Washington, DC.  Speaker information will be available in the next few weeks.

There are multiple ways to continue to be involved on a daily basis in the water conversation: – Updates on our Water 2.0 Washington, DC Conference – A great place to learn more about how water utilities are solving some tough challenges.  This is the home to the blogs of many of the speakers you saw in New York like: Terry Biederman, Alan Hinchman, Kyle Reissner, and myself. – Features detailed analysis of the economic impact of water or in some cases the lack of.


@ourwatercounts – The single best twitter feed for news, interesting content, upcoming events and updates from Our Water Counts.
@nanovin – Updates on US Government Agency budgets


I look forward to hearing you on the next WIAF conference call on Thursday, March 28th.


Vincent Caprio
Executive Director
Water Innovations Alliance Foundation

NanoBCA & COIN Announce Keynote Speakers for April 9-10th NC Event

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Today we are proud to announce the Keynote Speakers for our 5th Annual Nanotech Commercialization Conference, April 9-10th at the Wake Forest Biotech Place in Winston Salem, NC.  NanoBCA and COIN will host the preeminent Nanotech Commercialization event in the South. Global technology leaders will descend upon North Carolina for our Conference.  Corporate, investor, start-up and academic leaders will all be in attendance at this cutting edge event.

The early registration rate of $150 is available at this link:

Nanotechnology is rapidly transforming a variety of industries, from medicine and manufacturing, to filtration and energy.  Since the passage of the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research & Development Act in 2003, the U.S. has spent over $24 billion on developing the science of nanotechnology. This science is rapidly becoming the business of nanotechnology, creating thousands of new start-ups and jobs, bolstering nearly every industry around the globe, and bringing life-changing innovations to market.

I have tracked nanotechnology companies for 15 years. The impact nanotechnologies have already made to improve our daily lives is awe-inspiring, particularly in the medical device and drug delivery sectors.  I am looking forward to seeing what the next ten years hold now that the sector is firmly established.  There is no doubt that the nanotechnology community will be a major contributor to American job growth.

“We’re honored to co-host an event of this caliber in NC.  This event, in its 5th year, has consistently attracted top nanotech commercialization minds from around the globe.  The strong interest in this event reflects a growing awareness of, and interest in, North Carolina’s world-class nanotech cluster,” said Griffith Kundahl, Executive Director of COIN.

The full Nanotech Commercialization Conference AGENDA can be viewed at:

The Nanotech Commercialization Conference is designed to be a venue for networking with fellow professionals and keeping up with the cutting edge developments of nano.  The conference will feature a dynamic lineup of KEYNOTE SPEAKERS, including:

Dr. Mihail C. Roco, Senior Advisor for Nanotechnology, National Science Foundation.  Dr. Roco, the architect and leading voice over the past twenty years of the U.S. Federal Government’s National Nanotechnology Initiative, will give a forward-looking presentation entitled, “New Generations of Nanotechnology Products.

Anthony Atala, M.D., Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine is world-renowned in the field of regenerative medicine.  His work, focused on growing new human cells, tissues and organs, has earned him numerous honors including: Scientific American, Medical Treatments Leader of the Year; Time Magazine’s top 10 medical breakthroughs of the year; Discover Magazine`s Number 1 Top Science Story of the Year in the field of medicine; Dr. Atala was featured in U.S. News & World Report as one of 14 Pioneers of Medical Progress in the 21st Century; and his was listed by Smithsonian Magazine as one of 40 things to know about the next 40 years; and his work was also listed by Time Magazine as one of the top 5 medical breakthroughs of the year.

Scott E. Rickert, Ph.D., is President, Co-Founder & CEO of NanoFilm, a California-based company that is the world-class manufacturer of nanocoatings and other products.  In addition to the U.S., NanoFilm has operations in Europe and China.

Scott Livingston is Chairman & CEO of Livingston Securities.  Livingston, a veteran of two decades of work in emerging technology investment, is Wall Street’s expert on nanotechnology.  Livingston Securities is based in New York City and provides emerging technology investment banking, advisory and brokerage services to a wide variety of clients, including public and private corporations, institutional and high net worth investors, governments and universities.

Dr. Sally Tinkle is Deputy Director, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (“NNCO”). The NNCO coordinates approximately $1.8 billion a year of federal funding on nanotech research and development, which involves over 25 separate federal agencies.

Prof. David L. Carroll, Ph.D., is one of the world’s preeminent nanotech researchers and innovators.  He is based in Winston-Salem, NC where he serves as Director, Nanotechnology & Molecular Materials, Wake Forest University.

Lynn L. Bergeson is Managing Director of Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. (B&C), a Washington, D.C. law firm focusing on conventional and nanoscale industrial, agricultural, and specialty chemical product regulation and approval matters, environmental health and safety law, chemical product litigation, and associated business counseling and litigation issues.

Douglas W. Jamison is Chairman of the Board, CEO & Managing Director of New York City based Harris & Harris Group, Inc. Formed in 1981, Harris and Harris Group has grown into a publicly traded venture capital firm that, since 2002, has invested over $140 million in over 50 nanotechnology-enabled companies with technology originating at some of the world’s leading research institutions.  This investment has been leveraged with over $1 billion in additional venture financing from some of the world’s leading venture investors.

Jim Phillips, Chairman/CEO of Arkansas based NanoMech, is a seasoned and extremely successful emerging technology executive who is internationally credited with being instrumental in launching instant messaging, the PDA, Cable Modem, PCS, Fixed Cellular, Time Magazine’s Medical Invention of the Year – the VeinViewer, and iPix, at the time, the world’s largest provider of digital imaging infrastructure for the internet, in such areas as online real estate, auction listings, and classified ads.

The conference will be held at Wake Forest Biotech Place in the Piedmont Triad Research Park, located at 575 N. Patterson Avenue, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 27101.

SPONSORS for the Nanotech Commercialization Conference include:

CytoViva, Inc., Senn Dunn Insurance, The Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineering (JSNN), Gateway University Research Park, Womble Carlyle, Foley & Lardner LLP, nanoTox, Inc., and Xemerge.

This is a partial list of Sponsors.  Click here for a complete list.

Start planning your trip to North Carolina for the second week of April.  Reserve your hotel room today.


Vincent Caprio “Serving the Nanotechnology Community for Over a Decade”
Executive Director
NanoBusiness Commercialization Association