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15th Annual NanoBCA Conference/Livingston Securities 6/14 NYC

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Livingston Securities/NanoBusiness Commercialization Association (NanoBCA) returns to NYC on Tuesday, June 14th for our 15th Annual Conference! Join us as we welcome leading experts from private industry who are commercializing emerging technologies for the biotech, life sciences, software, chemical, and water industries.

Akerman LLP
666 Fifth Avenue
20th Floor
New York, NY 10103


Presenting at the event will be emerging technology leaders such as:

Scott Livingston, Chairman & CEO, Livingston Securities LLC
Mark Austin, Managing Director, Bright Capital (leading alternative energy VC investor)
Arthur Bavelas, CEO, Family Office Insights (leading Family Office network)
Matt Colbert, CEO, Spend Consciously Inc.
Christopher Mason, Director, Mason Lab for Functional Genomics, Weill Cornell
Brock Reeve, Executive Director, Harvard Stem Cell Institute
David Sinclair, Professor of Genetics & Director, Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging, Harvard University
John Tran, Manager, Sustainable Living, Unilever
Greg Westbrook, CEO, Clearcove Systems


Vincent Caprio, Executive Director, NanoBCA
Doyle Edwards, Government Programs Director, Brewer Science
Jim Phillips, Chairman & CEO, NanoMech
Charles (Chuck) van Fleet, President, Swan Chemical
Douglas Jamison, Chairman of the Board, CEO & Managing Director, Harris & Harris Group, Inc.
Lynn L. Bergeson, Managing Partner, Bergeson & Campbell PC
Dr. Matthew Putman, CEO, Nanotronics Imaging
Matthew Healy, Ph.D., Vice President Product Management, Pixelligent Technologies, LLC
Anil R. Diwan, Ph.D., President & Chairman, NanoViricides, Inc.
Dmitri Aronov, General Manager/Business Development, OCSiAl USA

Looking forward to seeing you in NYC!

Water 2.0 News – 2016 Spring Edition

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Spring has arrived in the East, Northeast and Midwest.  The 70 degree weather is here for the College and High School graduations.

Finally, the funding of water infrastructure has been in the news due to the Presidential campaign.

Five infrastructure emergencies
The Hill

Hackers change chemical settings at water treatment plant
Water Technology

Bring this water-friendly tech to the beach, pool
USA Today

Dow Breakthrough Water Technology Earns Bronze Edison Award Honor

Evoqua Inks Deal to Buy Water Filtration Company
Environmental Leader



Water Infrastructure Articles

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Mark Modzelewski

2016 Water Financial Acquisitions
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Erik Hromadka

Digital Transformation for the Water Industry is Worldwide
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Vincent Caprio

Connecticut Water Regulator Leading the Way on Cyber Risk Management
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Jonathan Litchman

World Water Day: Water 2.0 and the Obama Administration to Focus on Fixing America’s Broken Water Infrastructure
Our Water Counts
Vincent Caprio


Please join our roster of Corporate Members.  For further information, please contact Vincent Caprio or 203-733-1949 to discuss.


We encourage individuals interested in continuing our efforts to provide information in regard to emerging water technologies to become individual members of the WIAF.  Click here to become a WIAF Individual Member.  The annual Individual Membership fee is $150.

Enjoy the rest of the spring!