The Water Innovations Alliance Foundation (WIAF) is proud to select Watercura’s portable water filter as our 2015 Innovative Product of the Year.  We have followed the evolution of this product from concept, to design of a prototype, to manufacturing.  Congratulations to Kevin McGovern and the Watercura® team for bringing this product to market.





Watercura® Portable Water Filter

There is no other water filter in the world as effective, as the compact Watercura® Portable Water Filter. This unique, easy-to-use portable filter brings you the safest, cleanest drinking water possible.

Watercura’s advanced filtration technology not only eliminates harmful Synthetic Hormones, Pharmaceuticals, Steroids, Cadmium, Pesticides, and Pathogens — it is the only filter on the market to eliminate 99% of bacteria found in tap water every day.   This filter doesn’t just take out harmful contaminants in your water – it leaves in healthy nutrients such as calcium and magnesium.

PrintCompact in design, the Watercura® Portable Filter is small enough to go anywhere and is engineered to fit most of your drinkware, pitchers, bottles and pet supplies.  It is easy-to-grip and simple enough for anyone to use. Watercura’s unique top-fill design allows you to scoop water or fill it from virtually any source. Its innovative portable design features a large ½ liter funnel, germ resistant BPA free plastic, soft non-marking exterior grip, and a powerful replaceable filter that lasts for 150 liters. The Watercura® Portable Filter is ideal not only for home, but can travel with you too … to sporting events, work, school, gym, camping, boating, travel, etc.

Clean Water. Healthy Life. Clean water starts with Watercura®.

For further information please contact Jeff Howes, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at

Kudos to Watercura® for successfully accomplishing the goal of providing portable access to clean water.


Vincent Caprio
Founder & Executive Director
Water Innovations Alliance Foundation