The Water Innovations Alliance Foundation recommends an upcoming Intelligent Water Networks webinar hosted by Navigant Research. WIAF Member, Sensus, is participating with Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility for an interesting look at how technology can help solve challenges throughout the water utility.  More information about the webinar, and a link to register, are below.

Intelligent Water Networks Webinar
How Water Utilities Can Leverage the Latest Technologies to Improve System Efficiency, Reduce Water Loss, and Deliver New Tools to Help Customers Better Conserve Water Resources

Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Time: 2:00 pm EDT

Many water systems face significant challenges in the treatment and delivery of water.  Aging pipes that leak, rising demand for water, and outdated monitoring systems all contribute to the struggles utility managers face – particularly in times of drought.  In the United States alone, it is estimated that 7 billion gallons of clean drinking water are lost each day due to infrastructure leaks.

New technologies, including smart meters and advanced communications networks, enable water utilities to overcome some of these challenges, helping to create a smarter water grid.  The new equipment generates valuable data that leads to improved efficiencies and enables customers to better manage their use of water – increasingly important goals in an era of water scarcity.

Featuring senior research analyst Neil Strother, along with Doug McCall, marketing director at Sensus, and Hobert “H” Warren, division manager at Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority, this webinar will explore the key drivers of smart water systems and examine the latest solutions. The webinar will also explain how Albuquerque Water created an award-winning system that integrates advanced technology to help manage increased data volumes, improve customer service, and drive overall efficiency.

Key Topics:
– Smart water network systems
– Water meter data management systems
– Operational efficiencies
– Leak detection
– Customer service and engagement

What does this webinar answer?
– What are the latest technologies in smart water systems?
– How do smart water systems help municipalities and water utilities cope with drought?
– What are the current market conditions for smart water systems?
– What are the key drivers for smart water metering and infrastructure deployments?
– How has ABCWUA leveraged new technology to its advantage?
– What are the longer-term prospects for smart water technologies?

Who needs to attend?
– Utility managers
– Water meter manufacturers- AMI/AMR infrastructure vendors
– Municipalities
– Government agencies and regulators
– Industry associations

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This is an excellent webinar providing solutions to America’s aging water infrastructure.  We highly recommend.


Vincent Caprio
Executive Director
Water Innovations Alliance Foundation