I would like to share with you what we believe is an innovative information process in helping to solve America’s water issues.

Here’s a look at GE’s Intelligent Platform website:


Facebook for Industry

Mobility + Data + Analytics = Now

Facebook masterfully turns a steady influx of data into stories that are relevant to users — resulting in new and more powerful connections.

Meanwhile, industry is doing the opposite. Workers are bombarded with every bit and byte of data out there, far more than the relevant, real-time information they need. If we can adopt some of Facebook’s intelligent practices in industry, translating vast amounts of raw data into relevant stories, just think of the new and more powerful actions we’ll see as a result.

Real-time operational intelligence is real and it’s here today.

A video from Kyle Reissner, Senior Marketing Manager Automation Software, GE Intelligent Platforms


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The Water Innovations Alliance Foundation completed our Water 2.0 Event in Washington, DC last month.  Our Water 2.0 program had a fabulous lineup of speakers.  We encourage individuals interested in continuing our efforts to provide information in regard to emerging water technologies to become individual members of the WIAF.  Click here to become a WIAF Individual Member.  The annual Individual Membership fee is $100.

Enjoy your summer.


Vincent Caprio
Executive Director
Water Innovations Alliance Foundation