Water 2.0 would like to recommend the following webinar:

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Water Sustainability through Nanotechnology: A Federal Perspective

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
3:00PM – 4:30PM ET

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This webinar is the first in a series exploring the confluence of nanotechnology and water. This event will introduce the Nanotechnology Signature Initiative (NSI): Water Sustainability through Nanotechnology and highlight the activities of several participating Federal agencies. Subsequent webinars will each focus on one of the NSI’s technical focus areas.

  • Increase water availability.
  • Improve the efficiency of water delivery and use.
  • Enable next-generation water monitoring systems.

Panelists include Nora Savage (National Science Foundation), Daniel Barta (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), Paul Shapiro (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), Jim Dobrowolski (USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture), and Hongda Chen (USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture).

Webinar viewers will be able to submit questions for the panelists to answer during the Q&A period. Submitted questions will be considered in the order received and may be posted on the NNI website. A moderator will identify relevant questions and pose them to the speakers. Due to time constraints, not all questions may be addressed during the webinar. The moderator reserves the right to group similar questions and to skip questions, as appropriate.

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Once again, Water 2.0 encourages your participation in the Water Sustainability through Nanotechnology Webinar on Wednesday, October 19th.