As a 9/11 Survivor and 9/11 Responder I was privileged to participate in the May 30th Commemoration Honoring 9/11 Responders and Survivors

To mark the 20th anniversary, VOICES invited members of the 9/11 community to participate in a solemn candle lighting service honoring responders, survivors, and those who have died of 9/11-related illness.

9/11 Community Candle Lighting Ceremony


May 30th marks the 20th Anniversary of the end of the 9-month rescue and recovery effort at Ground Zero. On that day, thousands attended the solemn ceremony where firefighters, law enforcement, and elected officials stood at attention – as the last beam, draped in an American flag was ceremoniously carried up the ramp.

To mark this important milestone, we are honoring the 9/11 responders and survivors by sharing our Candle Lighting Ceremony and a discussion with special guests Alice Greenwald, Michael Arad, and John Feal, about the creation of the Memorial Glade.

Commemorating the 9/11 Responders and Survivors

On May 24th, VOICES hosted an panel discussion with Alice Greenwald, 9/11 Memorial & Museum President, Michael Arad, Architect of the 9/11 Museum and Memorial Glade, and activist John Feal.

View the Panel Discussion