The NanoBusiness Commercialization Association (NanoBCA) would like to recommend the following in-person events:



NNI Nanoinformatics Conference and US-EU NanoEHS CORs Workshop
In-person – L’Enfant Plaza, SW, Washington, DC

NNI Nanoinformatics Conference November 15, 2023

2023 U.S.-EU NanoEHS Communities of Research Workshop
November 16–17, 2023

The National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO), on behalf of the U.S. Government’s National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), invites you to participate in the NNI Nanoinformatics Conference and the 11th meeting of the U.S.-EU NanoEHS Communities of Research (CORs).

U.S. and European nanoEHS scientists participating in this transatlantic nanoEHS COR collaboration will come together during the 2023 workshop of the NanoEHS CORs to share highlights of COR activities over the past year and to discuss opportunities and challenges for nanoEHS research in the evolving nanotechnology landscape. Through a mix of plenary and interactive activities, the nanoEHS COR community will continue the work of bridging perspectives and approaches across regions. The 2023 meeting will provide an opportunity for this vibrant nanosafety research community to share perspectives on emerging research trends and discuss strategies to build connections beyond the United States and the European Union. Workshop topics will complement the NNI’s efforts to update its 2011 EHS Research Strategy.

The Nanoinformatics Conference, which will be held on Nov. 15, immediately before the COR Workshop, is being organized in support of the continued growth of the U.S. nanoinformatics research infrastructure and to foster greater interdisciplinary and international connections within the informatics community. The conference will highlight some of the lessons learned, as well as opportunities and challenges for leveraging data across multiple scales and disciplines. The NNI anticipates that the techniques, tools, and approaches to address the complexity of nanoscale data may provide breakthrough perspectives and new collaborations to tackle pressing environmental and societal challenges.













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Once again, we highly recommend the NNI Nanoinformatics Conference and 2023 U.S.-EU NanoEHS Communities of Research Workshop.