Having successfully completed our first decade of servicing the nanotech community, I am writing you with some exciting news that I hope will provide a solid foundation upon which to serve you and other members in the decade ahead. As the researchers at the NSF and NNI note, nanotechnology is evolving into a second foundational phase that will see a ten-fold increase in the value of nano-enabled products and mass use of nanotechnology. Given the evolutionary path of nanotechnology in the decade ahead, the NanoBusiness Alliance (NbA) is changing its name and refocusing its efforts to be of maximum value to the nanotech community.

Our new name is the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association or NanoBCA, for short. We are in the process of launching a new website: www.nanobca.org. The website will be a comprehensive source of everything we do at the NanoBCA and we hope members find it to be an excellent resource in the future.

From the beginning, the NbA has always had business as its main focus. Our membership and community includes some of the finest business minds in the world. The addition of commercialization to our name reflects the new era into which we are moving whereby a decade of intense scientific research gives way to fundamentally new products that will likely change the way we live, work and play. As billions and trillions of dollars of new nano-enabled products enter the marketplace, there will be a growing interest and focus on nanotech innovation and commercialization. The NanoBCA will be positioned to be the voice of nanotech innovation and commercialization in the decade ahead.

One of the new of the new initiatives undertaking by the NanoBCA, through the support and involvement of its members, will involve monitoring and promoting nanotech innovations and commercialization in the private sector. Steve Waite steve@nanobca.org, our new Director of Strategy and Research, will be assisting me with this initiative. We believe it will be important for our members to stay on top of what is expected to be an acceleration and mass proliferation of nanotech innovations in the future. We hope to create a vibrant and interactive community whereby our members can share information with us and where we can help educate and promote their new products to policymakers, researchers, analysts, the financial community and other interested parties.

Our vision for the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association is clear and focused. The Association seeks to ensure that the United States – its companies, universities and people – are global leaders in the burgeoning nanotechnology field. And the Association ventures to ensure the safe, secure and beneficial use of nanotechnology and nanoscience for all people.

Our mission at the NanoBCA in the coming decade is three-fold:

1. Promote the Commercialization of products designed and developed through the Science of Nanotechnology.

2. Advocate continued U.S. spending through the National Nanotechnology Initiative. America must continue the funding of NNI from R&D to commercialization.

3. Inform membership with regard to EHS regulation from Federal (EPA and FDA) and State Governments. Monitor proposed legislation from Federal and State government.

We are proud of the accomplishments of the NbA over the past decade having successfully lobbied for the creation of The National Nanotechnology Initiative in January, 2000. Backed by our supportive members, our efforts have helped produce over $12 billion of funding, which has created a community of about 150,000 contributors in the U.S., along with a flexible R&D infrastructure consisting of about 100 large nanotechnology oriented R&D centers, networks, and user facilities, and an expanding industrial base of about 3,000 companies producing nanotech-enabled products. Despite all this fabulous growth in activity, we are still only in an early stage of development with nanotechnology. There is much work ahead and we know that we cannot do it without the support of our members.

We are very excited to be returning to NYC for our conference being held at the Marriott Marquis Times Square on April 6-7th. The conference begins with an opening reception on the evening of Wednesday, April 6th. We have an entire day of programming on April 7th (details to follow).

To register, please complete the attached form 2011 NanoBCA NYC Reg Form and fax to 480-275-3662

New York Marriott Marquis Times Square
$269 per night
Room block code: NYBA

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with and serving our members in what promises to be an exciting decade ahead for nanotechnology and the nanotech community. It has been a pleasure representing the collective voice of the nanotechnology community. I look forward to serving you in the next exciting decade.

Here’s to much success in the Nano Decade ahead!


Vincent Caprio “Serving the Nanotechnology Community for Over a Decade”
Executive Director
NanoBusiness Commercialization Association