The Top Nanotech Innovators of 2012 were discussed in depth at our 11th Annual NanoBusiness/Nanomanufacturing Summit September 4-6th at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA. This discussion was part of our program on Thursday, September 6th.

This list was created to recognize those companies that are using nanotech to create novel and, in some cases, game-changing technologies. Nanotech is enabling more powerful computer chips, microprocessors, flash memory, and computing devices such as quantum computers, broadband communications systems, solid-state lighting for general illumination, high-performance materials and coatings for transportation, aerospace and various consumer products, synthetic biofuels, nutraceuticals, high-density batteries for transportation and the grid, and targeted-delivery therapeutics for cancer and other life-threatening diseases. As companies continue to innovate at ever-smaller scales, the years ahead promise to be a time of accelerating nanotech commercialization in the global economy.

The NanoBCA’s list of top nanotech innovators is broken into two groups of 20 companies to reflect the contributions of both large corporations and emerging enterprises. The NanoBCA’s top nanotech innovators for 2012 are:

Amgen – Cancer vaccines
Apple – Computer chips
BASF – Advanced materials
Bayer – Targeted delivery therapeutics
Behr – Advanced building materials
DMS – Semiconductor equipment
DuPont – Advanced materials, photovoltaics
Evonik – Advanced materials, photovoltaics
GE – Advanced diagnostics
General Motors – High strength composites
Hewlett Packard – Memristors
IBM – Quantum computing
Intel – Microprocessors
LG Electronics – Advanced materials
L’Oreal – Skin care
Lockheed Martin – EMI-ESD coatings
Mitsubishi – Advanced materials
Nanophase – Nanomaterials solutions for large corporations
Novartis – Reformulations and targeted delivery therapeutics
Pfizer – Reformulations and targeted delivery therapeutics
Samsung – High performance computer chips

ABS Materials – Pollutants removal
Bridgelux – Solid state lighting for general illumination
Cambrios – Transparent conductors
Cerulean – Targeted delivery cancer therapeutics
D-Wave Systems – Quantum computing
HzO – Waterblock coatings for electronics
Kovio – Near-field communications
Kurion – Advanced materials (nuclear waste cleanup)
Metabolon – Advanced diagnostics
Mersana – Novel cancer therapies
Molecular Imprints – Next generation lithography
Nanofilm – Coatings
NanoInk – Diagnostic testing
NanoMech – Advanced materials
Nanosys – Solid-state lighting, energy storage
Nantero – Carbon nanotube flash memory
Pixelligent Technologies – NanoAdditives for semiconductors, electronics,and industrial applications
Produced Water Absorbents – Water treatment
Siluria – Natural gas to fuels and chemicals conversion catalysts
SiOnyx – Silicon-based photonic devices
Solazyme – Algae-derived biofuels, chemicals, nutraceuticals, and skin care

Article in Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal Highlights Cambrios’ Touch-Screen Technology

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