October 10-24, 2010
Expo on the National Mall – October 23 & 24, 2010

I would like to share with you a letter in regard to a fabulous program taking place this fall in Washington, DC. Our good friend Larry Bock is one of the organizers of this event. Larry would like to share some of the details with you.

Greetings to all of you in the Nano Community,

I hope you have the time to participate in this fantastic event. Here are some of the details to date.

I. Partners
There are now over 450 major organizations participating with almost 1000 activities/programs including:

100 Professional Science & Engineering Societies including the National Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Sciences, AAAS, American Physical Society, American Chemical Society, IEEE, American Woman in Sciences, Society of Hispanic Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers …

100 Universities/Colleges/Research Institutes including Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Georgetown, University of California San Diego, University of California, Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, U.S. Naval Academy, Duke, University of Maryland, J. Craig Venter Research Institute, Carnegie Institute of Sciences …

50 Government Agencies and Federal Laboratories including NIH, NSF, EPA, USDA, FDA, NASA, NDEP, Office of Naval Research, Department of Energy, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Fermi Accelerator Facility, ….

25 High Technology and Life Science Companies including Lockheed Martin, Life Technologies, Northrop Grumman, Intel, CISCO, Scientific American, Research in Motion, SpaceX, Hitachi, ….

75 Informal Science Outreach Organization including the Smithsonian, American Museum of Natural History, US Botanic Gardens, Koshland Museum ….

75 Community Organizations including FIRST, Girls Inc., Science Buddies, 4-H, Girls Scouts …

20 Nobel Laureates

You can see the growing list at:

II. Sponsorship

We have raised approximately $1.75M from about 40 corporate, government and individual sponsors in just 8 months. This is still short of our goal of $2M, but we are on our way. If there is any way you can help, we appreciate introductions!

The USASEF is hosted by Lockheed Martin and sponsors include Life Technologies Foundation, K&L Gates, Clean Technology and Sustainability Industries Organization (CTSI), Larry and Diane Bock, ResMed Foundation, Farrell Family Foundation, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Agilent Technologies, Amgen, Celgene Corporation, Cisco, The Dow Chemical Company, National Institutes of Health, Illumina, The Kavli Foundation, Intel Corporation, You Can Do the Rubik’s Cube, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc., Genentech Inc., MedImmune, Sandia National Laboratories, Project Lead The Way (PLTW), Baxter International, Celestron, University of Maryland, NuVasive Inc., FEI Company, Case Western Reserve University, Biogen Idec Foundation, LifeStraw®, Microsoft Corporation, Draper Laboratory, Silicon Valley Bank, Bechtel Corporation, SpaceX, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Research in Motion, Thirty Meter Telescope Project, Virginia Commonwealth University and the Astronomy Outreach Foundation.

III. Media Partners

We have secured over $2M in Media Sponsors which means free advertising on TV, radio, web, print and social media marketing of the Festival. If you have any media contacts, and can make an introduction, that would be great.

Current media partners include Discovery Communications, Popular Science and Science Illustrated, New Scientist, EE Times Group, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, POPULAR MECHANICS, ScienceBlogs, Technology Review published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Epoch Times, “WAMU 88.5 – American University Radio,” C&EN, the newsmagazine of the chemical & related sciences, Forbes Wolfe Emerging Tech Report, PBS, Career Communications Group,, the Northern Virginia Technology Council,, FAMILY Magazine, American Scientist, SciVee, Inc. and SchoolTube, LLC.

In addition we have Media Deals with WJLA (Washington, D.C. affiliate), WTOP, EL SOL (CBS Radio Spanish station) and the Washington Post.

IV. Venue

Our finale event has grown so much that we will currently occupy the following major venues: the National Mall from 1st-7th Street, Mellon Auditorium, Wilson Plaza, Freedom Plaza, Pennsylvania Avenue (from 12th-14th Streets) and 4th Street (between Jefferson and Madison).

In addition, our three weeks of Festival Programs will take place in over 100 separate venues throughout the Greater Washington, D.C. area.

We received a lot of help from the Washington Board of Trade, K&L Gates, OSTP and the D.C. Office of Technology and African American Relations in securing the amazing street closures above.

VI. School Programs

50 leading scientists and 20 Nobel Laureates will do programs in schools throughout the Greater D.C. Area in the month leading up to the Expo.

We have recruited some incredible speakers from leading researchers like NIH Director Francis Collins, AIDS researcher

Anthony Fauci, Astronaut Donald Thomas, Physics of Super Heroes expert James Kakalios, Science of NASCAR Expert Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, and many many more.

See them all at:

Here are the participating Nobel Laureates:

V. Satellite Events

We have catalyzed the growth over over 30 Satellite Events that will occur throughout the United States on the same dates as our finale Expo including major events in Austin, TX, Raleigh/Durham, NC, Berkeley, CA, Clinton, NJ, Tucson, AZ and many more. Some of these will be huge events as well.

To see a United States Map of these events go to:

VI. Contests

We have five major contest underway with lots of prize money that go to the participating STEEM organization. They include the:

1. Rubik’s Cube Tournament
2. Kavli Science Video Competition
3. Teacher Video Competition
4. Sustainable Dreamhouse Competition

Tell your kids, friends’ kids and kids’ teachers to enroll in some of these competitions!

We completed a Jingle Contest and had two great winners. Check out the winners at:

VI. Science Celebrities

There is a growing list of science celebrities scheduled to be at the Festival including the Mythbusters, Ira Flatow, David Pogue, Scott Sampson, Sid the Science Kid, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Erno Rubik, and many more

Best regards,

Larry Bock

Thank you Larry for all your hard work on this event. It is an honor to be involved. We look forward to seeing you this fall in Washington, DC.


Vincent Caprio “Serving the Nanotechnology Community for Over a Decade”
Executive Director
NanoBusiness Alliance