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Quantum Dots Forum
March 26, 2014
Paradise Point Hotel
San Diego, CA


This half day event preceding Phosphor Global Summit 2014 will provide a new forum to cover market opportunities, developments in technologies, end users opportunities and challenges, innovations in applications and environmental issues all related to Quantum Dots.

This will be THE event to:
– Understand what the biggest problems, solutions, and trends are within the budding quantum dots industry

– Network with quantum dots materials and component suppliers, and with potential customers of QD products

– Figure out what problems your research group should focus on in the coming years.

What can you look forward to?
– Market research overview
– Quantum Dots Manufacturers
– Partners of Quantum Dots Manufacturers
– End users and customers
– Different applications: QLED, Detection and Biotechnology
– A panel discussion covering the environmental issues, challenges and regulations


9:00-11:00  Quantum Dots Tutorial (additional fee required)
– Prof. Christopher B. Murray, Richard Perry University Professor, Departments of Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

12:00  Registration

12:50  Opening Remarks by the Chair
– Seth Coe-Sullivan,
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, QD VISION, Inc

1:00  Making the Quantum Leap: How Quantum Dots Can Revolutionize the Display Industry and Possibly Obsolete OLEDs
– Jed Dorsheimer, Managing Director Equity Research, Display & Lighting, Canaccord Genuity

1:30  Quantum Dots Enhancement Film
– Jeff Yurek, Product Marketing Manager, Nanosys

2:00  Quantum Dots as On-chip Downconverters in LED Applications
– Dr. Juanita Kurtin, CTO and co-founder, Pacific Light Technologies

2:30  Networking break

3:00  Commercializing Cadmium Free Quantum Dot in Display Applications
– Andrew Lee,
Associate Director of Business Development, General Manager of Quantum Dot Business, Dow Electronic Materials, The Dow Chemical Company

3:30  Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes for Display Applications
– Dr. Paul Holloway, Chief Scientist, NanoPhotonica

4:00  Doped Quantum Dot Phosphors
– Prof. Daniel R. Gamelin, Harry and Catherine Jaynne Boand Endowed Professor in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Washington

4:30  Panel Discussion: Environmental and Regulatory Opportunities and Challenges around Quantum Dots
– Moderator: Seth Coe-Sullivan, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, QD VISION, Inc

– Kathleen Roberts, Vice President, B&C Consortia Management, L.L.C
– Jim Alwood,
Chemical Control Division, EPA
– Dr. Todd Kuiken,
Sr. Research Associate – Science & Technology Innovation Program, Wilson Center
– Dr. Margaret Hines, Technical Business Development Director, Nanoco Technologies Ltd

5:40  Closing Remarks from the Chair and Conclusion of Forum

Program Inquiries  Barbara Fowler  +1 207 807 5749

Registration Inquiries  Jennifer Carter  +1 207 781 9630

Marketing and Press Inquiries  Stephanie Whitman  +1 207 781 9616


Chemical Safety and Drinking Water Protection Act Introduced in the Senate
By Lynn L. Bergeson

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I encourage you to consider participating in this new event.


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