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Is there a need for a Philadelphia/Mid-Atlantic-based program? What would this training program look like to best serve your industry’s needs?


The Singh Center for Nanotechnology at the University of Pennsylvania and the Community College of Philadelphia would like to start a workforce training program to provide training and education in nanotechnology processes. We are determining the need for technicians with skills and knowledge in nanotechnology-related processes in industries in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Would a 1-year proficiency certificate or a 2-year Associate’s degree training program help provide a workforce that would meet your technical staffing needs?  Your expert opinion will help shape whether this program goes forward and if so, what the program looks like. All responses collected from this survey will be aggregated anonymously and not published. If you would like to include contact information for future purposes, there is a section for that at the end of the survey.

If you have any questions or prefer to talk about your nanotechnology workforce needs over the phone, rather than complete this survey, please call Linda Gerz at the number listed below. We are not trying to sell or commit you to anything. We simply would like your realistic input as to whether a program like this would be valuable for the region.

We thank you for answering this short survey.

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Linda Gerz, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (, 215-751-8623)
Randy Libros, Professor of Physics, at the Community College of Philadelphia


Kristin Field, Education Programs
Mark Allen, Scientific Director, Singh Center for Nanotechnology


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