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2023 Workshop on Nanotechnology Infrastructure of the Future
September 12-13, 2023
10:00AM-5:30PM ET
In-person (at the National Academy of Sciences Building in Washington D.C.) or Online


A link for virtual attendees will be provided in September.








Since the current National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI) award cycle ends in 2025, we are looking ahead to the future and the next national resource in science and technology infrastructure.  Shared facilities, such as those historically supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), provide researchers a low-barrier entry point to advanced fabrication and characterization resources and provide experiential learning opportunities for the next generation workforce.  The recent passing of the CHIPS and Science Act makes this an especially critical juncture for US nanotechnology infrastructure and an opportune time to thoughtfully craft an infrastructure roadmap that advances domestic semiconductor research and manufacturing, as well as cross-discipline research in adjacent fields of science, technology, and engineering.

During this interactive workshop, YOU can provide essential insights and ideas towards shaping this future nanotechnology infrastructure resource.  Your input will help develop a public-facing white paper recommending a path forward to US government agencies.  Please join us for a two-day, hybrid workshop featuring inspiring speakers from diverse disciplines and sectors, panel discussions, and idea generation.  Through active participation, workshop attendees will aim to identify technological trends, significant gaps in our existing technical capabilities and education, and prudent solutions in our journey toward the next shared infrastructure resource.

Join us for the “2023 Workshop on Nanotechnology Infrastructure of the Future” on September 12 & 13, 2023 in Washington D.C. or online!  Let’s work together towards cementing the U.S.’s position as a global leader in science and technology!

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Once again, we highly recommend the 2023 Workshop on Nanotechnology Infrastructure of the Future.