The NanoBusiness Commercialization Association recommends:
2021 NNI Strategic Planning Stakeholder Workshop: Charting the Path Forward

January 11-13, 2021
Daily runtime: 11AM – 3PM ET

Over the past 20 years, the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) has supported nanotechnology discovery, development, and deployment, and has nurtured the strong ecosystem that exists today. Building on this foundation, nanoscience will underpin a wide range of advanced technologies and enable solutions to challenges into the future. Conversations at this workshop will identify effective mechanisms to advance research and development, strategies for communication, and priority topics to shape future directions.

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DAY 1Outlining the Vision
Time (ET)Agenda
11:00 a.m.Welcome and Program Overview
11:15 a.m.Panel – World-Class R&D
Pedro Alvarez, Rice University
Carmen Gomes, Iowa State University
Cherie Kagan, University of Pennsylvania
Kurt Kolasinski, West Chester University
12:45 p.m.Break
1:15 p.m.Panel – The Nanotechnology Development Pathway
Baratunde Cola, Carbice Corporation
Michael Goergen, P3Nano
Heike E. Riel, IBM Research
Joe Sprengard, Jr., Veelo Technologies
2:50 p.m.Day 1 Wrap-Up
3:00 p.m.Day 1 Concludes
DAY 2Laying the Groundwork
Time (ET)Agenda
11:00 a.m.Welcome
11:05 a.m.Keynote Presentation
Sangeeta Bhatia, MIT
11:30 a.m.Concurrent Breakout Sessions
 Research & Development
Moderator: Kristin Perssen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Moderator: Landon Mertz, Cerion Nanomaterials            
Physical & Cyber Infrastructure
Moderator: Jennifer Dionne, Stanford University
Education & Workforce Development
Moderator: Jared Ashcroft, Pasadena City College
Responsible Development
Moderator: Gretchen Mahler, Binghamton University
1:00 p.m.Break
1:30 p.m.Panel – Synthesizing Breakout Discussions
3:00 p.m.Day 2 Concludes
DAY 3 Ensuring Success
Time (ET)Agenda
11:00 a.m.Welcome
11:05 a.m.Panel – Measuring Impact
Christopher Ober, Cornell University
Julia Phillips, National Science Board
John Joannopoulos, Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies
Michael Russo, SEMI
Paul Weiss, University of California, Los Angeles
1:05 p.m.Break 
1:35 p.m.Keynote Presentation
Chad Mirkin, Northwestern University
2:00 p.m.Closing Discussion
2:20 p.m.Day 3 Concludes