Last week I had to opportunity to visit Kraków, Poland. Our Water Innovations Alliance Foundation (WIAF) Co-founder, Mark Modzelewski is now living in Krakow.  Beautiful city, tremendous dining and cutting edge technology. Breakfast at my hotel was a roomful of Engineers, Scientists and Financial Professionals from the US, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, France, Poland, Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Romania, Norway, Sweden and more.


There are major global companies such as: CH2M, Google (Warsaw) and Cisco all with a footprint in Krakow.  I visited two IoT companies located in Krakow: Estimote and Silvair.  These companies are working with numerous manufacturers located in the US.

Krakow-2Last month we concluded our Water 2.0 Digital Transformation for the Water Industry Conference on March 22nd in Washington DC. Our DC event dovetails with what is happening in the water industry in Europe.  The presentations from our DC event specifically dealt with digital solutions to various water infrastructure problems.

To view the speaker presentations, click on the presentation titles below.

Digital Water – The Whole is Greater Than the Parts
Adam R. Tank, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, GE Water & Process Technologies

Carbon Capture: Predicting, Managing and Optimizing Water Treatment
Gary Miller, President & Chief Operating Officer, ClearCove Systems

America’s Infrastructure Crisis Gets Real
The Honorable Kelly H. Carnes, President & CEO, TechVision21

Water Water Everywhere, but Not a Drop to Drink: How Drought, Contamination, and the Endangered Species Act are Adversely  Impacting Water Resources but Could Provide for New Business Opportunities
Dennis A. Cardoza, Public Affairs Director, Foley & Lardner, LLP

Reusing the 69% of Industrial Water Wasted in the U.S.
Karen D. Sorber, Executive Chair/CEO, Micronic Technologies

Smart Metering Driving Real Conservation
Ed Hackney, Technical Director, Revenue Management, SUEZ Water

Discovering Water 2.0: How Dynamic Data Analysis is transforming the water industry with a wellspring of new scientists
Kenneth E. Russell, Ph.D., EVP, Digital Transformation and Emerging Markets, iTalent Corporation & Author of Social Knowledge

Precision agriculture and the management of polluting run-off into bodies of water and aquifers
Harvey Kaye, Chairman of the Board, Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc.


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My trip to Krakow opened my eyes to utilizing digital solutions being implemented in Europe and the US.  As Disney said in 1965, “It’s a small world.”