April 12 thru April 15, 2018 Scottsdale, Arizona

Register Soon!

COFES is 8 weeks away!

If you plan on joining us, you’ll want to register soon at: We’re likely to fill up our hotel block by the beginning of March, so you might want to register soon to assure a spot at the resort.

If you don’t have your invitation code handy, drop me a note at: becca@cofes.comor call me at +1-802-871-5627. Or you can visit to apply for a new invitation.

If you won’t be able to join us, let me know with a quick note so we can invite others on our list.

If you have any other questions about COFES, feel free to reach out to our Chairman and Founder, Vincent Caprio at: or +1-203-733-1949.

Special Incentive: 35 for 35

It’s no secret that the vast majority of our typical COFES attendee pool is aging. Jokes have been made for years about the number of salt’n’pepper and white hair that dot the audience in all the videos.

At COFES 2018, we’re trying to change that.

As a special incentive to our younger folks, we’re offering a deep discount of $1295for anyone who registers that’s under the age of 35. Our goal is to hit 35 people who take us up on the 35 and younger incentive.

If you, or anyone you know, meets this criteria, please put “UNDER35” in the Total field when you fill out the online registration form.


We’ve got three great keynotes set for COFES 2018.

On Friday, Ping Fu will discuss the changing relationship between us and our tools.

On Saturday, Keith Schubert will discuss his work unlocking the patterns of life, and what AI can teach us about living in scarcity. Following Keith will be George Gilder, who will explore the impact of blockchain and other technologies on the global economy.

You can learn more about our keynoters and their talks at

Buddy, can you spare a notebook?

Each year at COFES we ask for attendees to bring their old laptops/notebook computers. We plan on continuing this once again for COFES 2018. We hope you’ll participate by bring your unwanted systems with you. We’ll wipe the drives, refresh the system, and donate to kids who need them.

Last Call for Roundtable Topics Requests

You may have noticed that the COFES Agenda doesn’t have a list of the topics for any of the roundtable discussions. That’s because we wait until we’ve had a chance to talk with all of the COFES participants before the topics get set.

Now’s your chance to put your hot issue on the platform for discussions. What key issues do you want on the table for discussion at COFES? Send a short description to so that we may consider your issue for discussion.

For ideas, please take a look at last year’s agenda discussion subjects (scroll down to 11 am on Saturday). The final COFES 2018 discussion topics will be posted by the end of March.

COFES Library: What have you written lately?

The COFES Library focuses on books written by COFES participants. If you’ve written a book, bring a copy with you to donate to the Library, where attendees can peruse books during COFES.

If won’t be able to join us at COFES, but you’ve written a book and would like to donate a copy to the COFES Library, send a copy of the book(s) to:
Becca Yeh: COFES Library
c/o The Scottsdale Plaza Resort
7200 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale AZ 85253

We’ll set aside a safe place for the books to be reviewed during COFES, and we’ll store the books during the year. Be sure to have the book(s) arrive before April 10.

The DaS Symposium

The DaS Symposium (Design & Sustainability) is an open conversation of the role of design and software for design in the context of sustainability.

When planning your travel to COFES, please remember that the DaS Symposium at COFES will once again be held from 8:30am to 3:00pm on Thursday, the first day of COFES.