By Vincent Caprio

The headlines out of California this past week indicate we have a real problem.

California drought will only get worse, experts say

80% of California is now in extreme drought, new data show

California Drought – Weather Coverage of the Region’s Record-Low Rainfall

Drought Report: California to lose $2.2 Billion, 17,100 jobs

California drought:  Ground water has ‘saved our bacon’

Lost in the headlines of international news is a very serious American domestic issue.  California is in a full blown water crisis.  As the Executive Director of the Water Innovations Alliance Foundation (WIAF), I have the opportunity to speak with American professionals daily.  Last week I was on the phone with four financial professionals from the East Coast and Midwest.  Their opening question was, “What is going on in the Water Industry?”  I responded, “There is a very serious drought in California.”   One of the professionals asked, “Is this issue based on real scientific data or is it like the climate change discussion?”  I responded, “Yes, this is based on real scientific data.  There is a drought of crisis proportion in the state of California.”

The chart of California shows us the affected areas and how severe this drought has become.

CA drought map








How did California and America get into this situation?  The $600 billion-$1 trillion worldwide Water Industry is a fragmented, decentralized Industry.  In America, it is a regional, parochial Industry.  Water authorities in the East and Midwest do not have the mission, mandate or money to help California.  In America we have a national electric grid but we do not have a national water grid.  We do not have a national water strategy.  Eventually, most Americans will have an access to water problem. During this present water crisis, the national news media has not covered this story. They treat it as if it is a regional story.  I find it very interesting that wealthy celebrities fund international water NGO’s, but are ignoring access to water in their own Los Angeles backyard.

Here is the future of water in America coming to your neighborhood.









Please take the time to discuss the California water drought with your friends and elected officials.  Water access is a national issue not a regional issue.